The Absolute Worst Phone Company in the World [2023]

worst phone company in the world

Are you tired of dropping calls and poor service from your phone company? Have you ever wondered which phone companies are the worst in the world? Look no further, because our team at Phone Brands™ has extensively researched and evaluated phone companies worldwide to bring you the ultimate guide to the absolute worst phone company in the world!

How to Spot the Worst Phone Company?

Before we dive into the worst phone company, let's talk about how to spot the worst phone company. Here are the signs to look out for when it comes to identifying the worst phone company:

  1. Poor Customer Service: When a phone company continuously ignores customers' complaints and offers poor customer service, it can be a red flag.

  2. Frequent Call Drops: Nothing is more frustrating than making an important phone call and experiencing continuous call drops.

  3. Limited Coverage: A phone company that has limited coverage can make communication more difficult especially in rural or remote areas.

  4. Outdated Technology: The world is rapidly evolving with newer technologies emerging every day, if a phone company doesn't keep up with the latest technology, it can be a sign of a low quality service.

  5. Hidden Fees: A phone company that adds fees without transparency is not trustworthy.

If you notice most of these signs at your phone company, it might be a warning that you might be dealing with one of the worst.

The Absolute Worst Phone Company in the World

Drumroll, please. The worst phone company in the world is none other than Glo Mobile. This Nigerian-based company is the largest telecommunications company in Nigeria and Ghana but has a poor track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Glo Mobile's Weaknesses

To give you a better understanding of why Glo Mobile is the worst phone company, let's discuss its major weaknesses:

  1. Frequent Network Coverage Issues: Glo Mobile experiences frequent network coverage issues, resulting in call drops and poor signal quality.

  2. Slow Data Speeds: While other phone companies have been upgrading their networks to offer faster data speeds, Glo Mobile has been slow to respond, providing snail-like connections for users.

  3. Poor Customer Service: Glo Mobile has a poor track record of handling customer complaints and grievances. Customers have often reported waiting an unreasonable amount of time for response to complaints. The support team is often said to be unprofessional and unhelpful.

  4. Hidden Fees: Glo Mobile has a history of adding hidden fees and charges for its service without any prior notice, leaving customers with an unexpected bill.

  5. Outdated-Plan: Glo Mobile's phone plan offerings are outdated compared to other phone companies, and often fail to meet the communication needs of its customers.

What Customers Say

Here are a few comments on Globacom from online reviews survey observations:

  • "If there is anything worse than Glo’s internet service, it is definitely their customer service." – Top Ten Reviews
  • "Glo is the definition of the worst customer service company in Nigeria." – Nairaland
  • "I am never doing business with this company again. The worst of the worst of Nigeria's Telephone Services." – Hellopeter

Worst Phone Companies to Avoid

While Glo Mobile takes the crown for the worst, there are also other phone companies that you should avoid.

  1. Straight Talk: With poor customer service and frequent call drops, Straight Talk is another phone company that customers have reported as one of the worst.

  2. TracFone: TracFone is another phone company with limited coverage and poor customer service that you need to avoid.

  3. Lycamobile: Lycamobile has a problematic activation process and unresponsive customer care, making it a phone company to avoid.


What is the weakest phone in the world?

The BLU Advance A4 is reported as the weakest phone in the world. It has a low storage capacity and slow processing speeds.

Which carrier has the most dropped calls?

Straight Talk has a reputation for having the most dropped calls across the United States, making it one of the worst phone companies.

Who is the #1 cell phone carrier?

Verizon Wireless is the #1 cell phone carrier in the United States and has a reputation for providing the most reliable coverage and high-quality service.

Quick Tips and Facts

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when selecting a phone company:

  • Read Reviews – Check customer reviews before committing.
  • Consider Hidden Fees – Many phone companies hide fees behind complex language and plans. Understand every fee before signing up.
  • Research Network Coverage – Make sure a phone company has good coverage in your area.
  • Look for Customer Support – Good customer support is a weapon against unexpected technical issues.


Finding the worst phone company is a crucial step in selecting the right phone company. Glo Mobile takes the crown as the worst phone company due to its poor customer service, frequent network coverage issues, and outdated plan offerings. Do your research and ensure your phone company is transparent, offers good customer service, has a comprehensive phone plan, and most of all, proves to be reliable.

Don't settle for one of the worst. Shop around, read reviews, and consider switching to a better phone carrier that suits your needs. Your communication needs deserve to be met without the frustration of poor connectivity, unresponsive support systems, and hidden fees.






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